This humble space would like to take a moment to say a few quick words on recent events. The policy changes in our country over the last week have been a complete travesty including, but not limited to, the attempted stifling of government agencies, border walls, and the ban on incoming refugees. Suffice to say I find this an affront to civil liberties and common decency.

A couple of weeks ago, we were fortunate to play a show as a benefit for the ACLU that was thoughtfully organized by our friends The Moon and You. Given what has happened over the last few days, and likely over the foreseeable future, organizations like the ACLU and others will be vital in making sure the marginalized (and everyone else) in this country are kept safe and on level footing. Therefore, I’d simply like to encourage everyone to get involved in someway helping move things in a positive direction, be it donating to an organization of your choice, volunteering, or just engaging in some good old fashioned conversation with those around you.

Thanks for caring and we’ll see you soon.

Love ya,





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