Download The New ‘Sycamore’ EP for Free


Hey all,

In honor of our winter tour, I’m releasing a new EP called Sycamore. As it stands now, this EP will be digital download only for free or name your own price via bandcamp.

Having said that, I’d like to strike a deal. Being on the road playing music is incredible, but it’s also a huge pain in the ass in terms of scheduling, logistics, and of course cost. Therefore, the deal I’d like to make is this: if you download my music for free and like it, please share it with a couple other people you think might like it. If it’s not your thing that’s cool, but if you like it help me spread the word and I’ll be in your debt. My reasoning behind all this is that this is a simple yet accurate sample of what I do, and at minimal cost to me in terms of production, I’d like to give it away for folks already acquainted and hopefully new to enjoy.

Now, if I may say a few words about the recordings. These songs were conceived and written quicker than any others I’ve come up with. I wrote one song, Brand New, in November pretty much all in one sitting. Other than that, the rest were written in January 2014 between my place in Durham, NC and at the home of my friends in The Moon and You in Hendersonville, NC. They were kind enough to let me have the run of their place for a few days around the holidays and use their microphones and home as an all in one recording studio, writing retreat, and self serve bed and breakfast. I went up New Years day and worked on the foundations of the EP over the next few days. Back in Durham, I added some parts and recorded some songs fully that weren’t quite finished. After several weeks of learn as you go mixing aided by 1,000 year old eternal audio wizard Scott Haynes via teleconferece, I’ve thrown good reason and professional guidance to the wind and decided I’d release these home recorded tracks while on tour.

So here they are, I hope my proposal is a fair one. If not, just remember that friends don’t let friends listen to electronica. Wish us luck on the road and be sure to catch us when we come where you are.




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